Branding CSE


For the past 3 months I have been tasked with developing a guideline that will give CSE Australia a superior looking brand identity whilst enabling their staff and suppliers a set of rules for all future marketing.

CSE Australia has been providing engineering products, integration, construction and maintenance services solutions to customers operating across a diverse range of industries through its business entities for more than 90 years.

CSE own 10 subsidiary companies which all currently have their own unique identity, part of the development is to show how these brands can all work with each other.

Unfortunately the logo can’t be updated so I created a set of graphics and rules that best compliment the logo and demonstrate this on mediums such as: brochures, folders, stationery, powerpoint templates, email signatures, advertising and a website design.

The main branding element that I developed was the curved image with the 3 lines that follow the curve. The 3 lines are picked up from within the “E” of the logo and always follow the same curve of the image. This effect gives a global, communications and dynamic feel which compliments the companies market.