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Introduction to the business

For the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working alongside Harris Industries. The good people at Harris Industries have been supplying Transit bags for the popular Engel portable fridge/freezers and I have been part of their team producing all their graphics and packaging artwork.

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Portable fridge/freezers

One draw-back from storing your portable fridge/freezer in the back of your vehicle is getting access to it. Often the fridges are heavy enough without being filled with food and drink and either opening the fridge or getting the fridge out of your boot can be a back-breaking task.

Fridge/freezer Sliders

Slider systems enable you to place your portable fridge/freezer on a stand in your boot which slides out of your boot – easily enabling you to get access to your chilled food and drink.

Sliding systems are not a new invention but the team at Harris realised that there was a gap in the market as the current sliders available were cheaply made and cumbersome. They were also becoming very popular.

The Slide-it Solutions advantage

In 2019 they released their first product; the Standard Slide. More compact, lighter and stronger than any other slider on the market. The slide is 100% designed and manufactured right here in Australia and uses all 304 grade stainless steel components to help against the harsh Australian conditions.

After the success of the Standard slider they have gone on to develop a Heavy-Duty slider and their latest product even has the capability of tilting – the ultimate access to your fridge freezer.

I would highly recommend this product:

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The design process

I have had the pleasure working alongside Jason and Colin developing the Slide-it solution Brand. From the logo through to the packaging and ultimately their sales tool the eCommerce website.

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