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Branding Acewa

Joe from Active Electrical WA got in contact with Brett to re-brand his business to AceWa.

The goal was to push his core business offerings in 3 directions with a new focus for communicate which includes telecommunication rigging and Antenna services.

The 3 service offerings: Automate, Communicate and Energise was to feature on the logo as a tagline and the idea was that when you landed on the website you straightaway were welcomed with the 3 service offerings.

One design feature which I am most happy with is the simple icons for each service. Using icons for each service isn’t really anything new but the concept of having each navigation item having an icon within the pop-up Menu is quite unique.

Joe was keen for a darker background running through the brand, the use of the techy images and transparent overlays helped give the overall design which resulted in very little changes from concept to build.

Samples of the final design can be seen below:

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