HTML Email Signatures

Gone are the days when most businesses communication is done over the phone, in most industries most communication is nowadays achieved via email.

A branded email signature has now become one of the most important ways to get your identity in your clients face. Its also the perfect place to tell them about your social-media or promote a product or service on a banner advertisement.

After creating HTML Email signatures for many business across Perth without any problems I recently discovered that sending them from certain platforms using specific mail applications caused all sorts of un wanted results. While the email signature showed fine on some email clients, others showed it completely differently!

After reading many articles, spending countless hours testing and re-testing and speaking to other qualified HTML signature developers I have come to the conclusion that HTML email signatures are a nightmare! There are so many email applications that speak different languages and to make matter worse there’s the constant updates…

Fortunately I have now worked out most of the current pitfalls and no no’s and now consider myself a bit of an expert in HTML Email signatures.

If you think your businesses Email Signature could do with a face-lift speak with Brett today and get your signature working to its full potential.