Authentic Oven


ABC Ovens provide DIY and ready assembled wood fired pizza ovens and accessories.

Mike Mears, the owner, wanted to create a brand for his new premium range “Authentic Oven” a New Zealand based oven that Mike had the rights to sell in Australia. Authentic Ovens are the very best money can buy so a quality and premium looking brand was required to show off the oven and appeal to the top end market.

Mike had the keenest eye for detail that I have known, and certainly made me work for my money 🙂 That being said, it was great working with Mike and I consider him more a friend now than a client. Mike has also been great enough to recommend me to his friends – thanks Mike.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you over the last few months on various design and marketing projects. I appreciate your ability to execute functional design aesthetic – not all that common in my experience.

I’m glad a stumbled across your website last year. Thanks again for the support and being easy to deal with :)”
Mike Mears | Business Owner

I have also worked on various specification sheets, a buyers guide booklet, a micro-website and plans to update Mike’s main website ABC Ovens are underway.

You can visit the Authentic Oven website at: