A 40th to remember

Running my small business and bringing up two kids, sadly doesn’t give me much opportunity for many holidays – but this holiday was planned many years ago and it wasn’t one that I was going to miss…

Twenty years ago whilst enjoying a lads holiday in Greece I made a pact with my best friend Andy:

In 3 years time we would quit our jobs, take a year out and go backpacking around the World.

During this adventure I made another pact with Andy:

When we turn 40 we would take time out from our busy lives and go on a fishing holiday.

Our original plans involved hunting for a Marlin, but after getting inspiration from the TV show Jeremy Wades – River Monsters, we decided there was no better place to visit than one of the many lakes in Thailand that habitat many monster fish stocked from all around the world.

We ended up selecting Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park and we weren’t disappointed. A stunning lake filled with a huge variety of fish offering luxury accommodation and most importantly a good bar where we could relax, share some fishy tales and banter with all the other anglers and their guests.

The prized fish I was after was an Arapaima, native to South America. I was lucky enough to hook one after being there just 2 hours, unfortunately my luck ran out quickly and I lost the fish minutes later.

During my time at the lake I managed to catch many Red tailed Catfish: My best was a whopping 65lb and took about 40 minutes of wading around the lake to finally catch.

It was an amazing experience that I thought was a once in a lifetime trip. Due to the fact that my Arapaima got away I can’t help feeling that I have un-finished business and can’t wait to go back for more…

The stunning lake

Andy with a Giant Siamese Carp

An Arapaima – maybe the one that got away !